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Baikal lake

Отдых на Baikal lake

Baikal is the most profound lake on the planet, arranged in the focal point of Asia, 456 meters over the ocean level. Its length is 636 km, the width shifts from 30 to 60 km and the real profundity is 1,637 meters. It is assessed to contain more or less one-fifth of all the Earth's new surface water. That`s why Baikal is known as the planet`s well.

Baikal is known for the astounding clarity of its waters and for the colossal differing qualities of plant and creature life in and around the lake. A considerable lot of animal categories are endemic. There speak the truth 20 types of blossoming plants (dainty reed, water buckwheat, cat`s tail, hornwort, sedge). You have an opportunity to meet endure, reindeer, marmot, elk, Siberian deer, sable, squirrel, fox and wolf. Baikal seal, or nerpa, as it is all the more regularly called, is the main seal that lives solely in crisp water. Among feathered creatures you can meet swans and hawks, white-tailed and since a long time ago tailed ocean falcons, dark crane and dark stork. The significant fish is omul from salmon gang. Neighborhood individuals offer salted, smoked and barbecued omul, cooked in your eyes.

A vast piece of the domain around the Baikal Lake is involved with National Parks and Reserves: Pribaikalsky National Park and Baikalo-Lensky Reserve on the Western bank of the lake; Zabaikalsky National Park and Barguzinsky Nature Reserve on the East.

The Baikal locale is for the most part populated with the Russians and the Buryats. You have a chance to get to know their national society and history, to take a gander at structural dedications, to visit Russian Ortodox cloisters, Buddhist Datsans, Shamanist heavenly places, old-believer`s towns, to taste national cooking styles and to see national old stories.

The atmosphere of the area is mainland. There are more than 250 sunny days a year. In January (the coldest month) the temperature ranges from - 12°C to - 45°C. July is the hottest month with normal temperature around 25°C, however it can achieve 40°C.

The lake Baikal bowl is incorporated into UNESCO World Heritage List.


Chivirkuysky Bay is a pleasant sound in the Eastern piece of the Baikal Lake with warm water. The domain fits in with Zabaikalsky National Park.

Irkutsk one of the most established Siberian urban areas with particular shading, the capital of Eastern Siberia.

Ivolginsky Datsan the focal point of Buddhism in Russia, where you have a chance to take a gander at the Buddhist function, as well as to meet and to chat with the Buddhist Lames.

Old-professors towns in environs of Ulan-Ude - a chance to sense conventional Russian cordiality, to welcome the society show and to taste dishes in saved customary style of Russian home-made cooking.

Olkhon Island is the land, chronicled and consecrated focus of Baikal, the heart of numerous legends and tall tales. Delightful scenes enthrall everyone.

Round Baikal Railway is an one of a kind commemoration of building workmanship, built before all else of the twentieth century as a piece of the Transsiberian Railway. The way 84 km long, made in the lake's rough west shore, contains 39 passages, 14 displays, more than 50 strengthened concrete and stone curve spans. This line is thought to be the most volumetric, confused and lavish to construct among every one of the railroads of Russia.

Taltsy the outside Architectural and Ethnographic Museum with an one of a kind gathering of seventeenth - nineteenth century`s social landmarks, concerned to three neighborhood people groups - the Russians, the Buriats and the Evenks.

Ulan-Ude the capital of the Buriat Republic with so much highlights as the Nature Museum, the Fine Arts Museum, the Tibetan Medicine Center, The Ethnography Museum, national people shows and national cooking.

Виды отдыха на Baikal lake

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