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Отдых в Altai

Altai is a boundless rugged territory, situated in the focal point of Eurasia at the crossroads of China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia. Russian a piece of Altai incorporates the Altai Region (Barnaul is the focal city) and the Republic of Altai (Gorno-Altaisk is the capital). The most appealing locales for ecotourism are gathered in the Republic of Altai which is likewise called Gorny Altai. Exceptional characteristic and social components of Gorny Altai award sublime open doors for a wide range of ecotourism exercises.

Gorny Altai is the most elevated precipitous area of Siberia. Some mountain-masses are 3000 – 4000 m high. Their crests are secured with snow and ice throughout the entire year. Ice sheets slide along their slants. The most astounding purpose of Siberia – Belukha Mt (4506 m) is arranged there.

Gorny Altai is additionally popular with its streams and lakes. Biya and Katun are the two biggest waterways which interflow close to the town of Biysk and offer begin to the Ob River – one of the best streams of the world. Katun with its tributaries Chuya, Koksa, Kucherla, Argut, Ursul are exceptionally mainstream among whitewater rafters as a result of exciting rapids and energizing scenes. The Biya River has its source in the Teletskoye Lake which is arranged between high scopes of mountains. The Teletskoye Lake with its length of around 80 km, profundity of 325 m and volume of 40 cubic kilometers is considered as an image of Altai. The excellent Shavlinskiye Lakes are arranged on the Northern slant of the Severo-Chuysky Range.

Most of Gorny Altai is secured with taiga. Larch and cedar win however you can see numerous different types of trees and shrubberies. Snow capped territories, arranged on statures more than 2000 – 2400 m, offer huge knolls with different grasses and blooms. In the entire, in Gorny Altai sightseers have chances to watch essentially a wide range of Siberian landscape: dry steppes of Central Asia, taiga, high knolls in bloom, tundra, magnificent icy masses and snow tops. Fauna is extremely various as well, including 90 types of warm blooded creatures, 260 types of winged animals, 20 types of fishes. Snow panther (irbis), wild slam, elk, Siberian stag (maral), bear, brilliant falcon, bird of prey, umber, sterlet can be met there.

The atmosphere of Altai is mainland with a steady front of snow in winter and with summer temperatures up to +300C.


Aktru Gorge is arranged in the Severo-Chuysky Range, regularly called 'Severo-Chuysky Alps' a result of high snow crests and icy masses. The primary tops are Maashey (4173 m) and Karagem (3750 m). This territory is extremely well known among trekkers and mountain dwellers.

Altaisky Reserve (Zapovednik) in the Eastern piece of the Altai is made out of a sloping taiga, an icy zone, mountain knolls, and high elevation tundra and steppes. More than 1,400 vascular plants (70% of the Altai greenery) are found in the zapovednik and of these 17% are endemic species. The region bolsters a different fauna, including 72 warm blooded creature species and 310 winged animal species. The snow panther and the mountain ram "argali" are likewise found inside of the zapovednik.

Biya River with its wonderful perspectives and noteworthy yet not risky rapids is viewed as an excellent rafting course for amateurs.

Chuysky Tract is a fundamental vehicles street of Gorny Altai, which extends for 717 km from Biysk to the settlement Tashanta, arranged close to the Mongolian outskirt. The street is fabricated for the most part along Katun and Chuya streams with two passes – Seminsky (1894 m) and Chike-Taman (1460 m). A trek along the Chuysky Tract gifts exceptional impressions attributable to wonderful and differing scenes.

Katun River and its tributaries are celebrated among novices of rafting most importantly for their whitewater streams, relevant for voyages through any evaluation of unpredictability aside from the most elevated one. Visits along upper Katun frequently start on one of its tributaries. The key area of upper Katun is a gulley named Akkemsky Proryv (Akkem Break) 5 km long with 10 capable steps and vertical rough banks. Downstream Katun acknowledges two tributaries (Argut and Chuya) and turns out to be significantly all the more intense with surges of up to 3 m high. The area of Katun between the mouth of the Yaloman River and Chemal is called Middle Katun. It takes 4 – 6 days to get over around 180 km long rafting through many effective rapids. Lower Katun is much less difficult for rafting.

Shavlinskiye Lakes are arranged on the Northern incline of the Severo-Chuysky Range. Some thought regarding their excellence may be gotten if taking in the psyche that three adjacent crests, which are reflected in a water mirror, are called Dream, Beauty and Fairy Tale.

Teletskoye Lake is considered as one of the primary sights of Gorny Altai. Natives call it Altyn-Kel that implies Golden Lake. It lies 436 m over the ocean level between high ranges Korbu (2059 m), Teletsky (2493 m), Monargy (1688 m) and others. The Eastern piece of the lake has a place with the Altai State Reserve. One of most amazing sights on the lake is a capable Korbu waterfall 12 m high. Voyages along the lake are conceivable just by vessel in light of the fact that streets are truant.

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