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Отдых в Yakutia

Yakutia or the Republic of Sakha stretches along the greater part of the North-Eastern Siberia. Its immense region (one-6th the extent of the entire Russia) is secured with plain tundra (in the North), mountain runs 2000-3000 m high (in the East and South) and taiga (in the West). More than 40% of the domain lies past the Arctic Circle. The thickness of populace is less then 1 individual on 1 km2.

The atmosphere is strongly mainland with an extent in temperature of 100oC between +40oC in summer and - 60oC in winter. The Pole of Cold for the Northern Hemisphere with the recorded temperature - 71.2oC is arranged in Yakutia. Be that as it may, even to a great degree high and low temperatures are very middle of the road on account of dry and outside air. The Polar Nights in winter start on the domain which is over the Arctic Circle. A few evenings are lit up by the Aurora Borealis, the characteristic wonder that must be seen along the scopes involved by this domain. In mid year the Polar Days start. A day can last up to 20 hours along the scope of Yakutsk, while more distant North, the Sun never drops beneath the skyline.

Yakutia is one of uncommon territories, where virgin nature with glorious assorted qualities of widely varied vegetation still remains. Yakutia is the place where there is incalculable streams and lakes, several ice sheets and ice hulls. The Lena River, noted for its picturesque excellence, is the pride of Yakutia and one of the ten biggest streams on the planet.

Yakutia is genuinely a treasury of common assets. Precious stone stores in West Yakutia and also gold stores in the bowls of Aldan, Indigirka and Yana, are all surely understood. The Republic has substantial stores of tin, wolfram, mercury, intricate and iron metals, bituminous and chestnut coals, common gas and oil.


Bakaldyn Cultural-Ethnographic Complex, where you can acquaint with the way of life, way of life and the historical backdrop of one of the old Siberian local people groups - the Evenks. You will see customary abodes of the Evenks - from Stone Age till later past, will be astonished by antiquated epic stories and will partake in old services, national amusements and challenges.

Kolymsky Tract - the car street from Yakutsk to Magadan 1500 km since quite a while ago, ruptured through taiga for the most part by GULAG detainees in Stalinist Era.

Lena Delta, involved with the Ust'- Lensky State Reserve, is an uncommon fascination for winged creature watchers. 89 types of fowls have been numberd here amid the late spring. 59 of those trapdoor in the delta. 20 of those types of fledglings are ensured.

Lenskie Stolby (the Lena Pillars) National Nature Park is an one of a kind nature site, arranged on the Lena River around 100 km toward the South from Yakutsk. Lenskie Stolby is a perfect work of art molded by water, warmth and chilly from old rocks. The recreation center is an environment for some uncommon creatures and plants. It is a spot where the remaining parts of mammoth, buffalo and other fossil creatures are still found.

Post of Cold, where the least temperature for populated ranges (- 71.2oC) was recorded.

Mirny - the capital of jewel excavators. A jewel channel with an immense open-cast mine and a precious stone handling venture are arranged here.

Yakutsk - the capital of Yakutia, where such sights as the Center of Diamonds and Precious Stones, the Geology Museum, the Institute of Permafrost, the Museum of Mammoth and a few different exhibition halls are found.

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10 мест, где вы почувствуете грандиозность природы

Захватывающие пейзажы, удивительные скальные образования, большие пустыни и величественные ледники - во всех этих местах человек может почувствовать...

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