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Pskov and Novgorod

Отдых в Pskov and Novgorod


Novgorod the Great is sitiated in the North-Western Russia, 180 kilometers from Saint-Petersburg and 524 kilometers from Moscow.

The oldest city in Russia, one of the greatest in the Medieval Europe, the one and only city-republic in Russia- this is Veliky Novgorod.

The name Novgorod signifies "the new town". It is initially specified as a fortification in the narratives of 859, and this date is acknowledged as a beginning stage of the city's age. It is considered that the old town used to be the settlement of Varangian Prince Rurik who summoned control over Novgorod in the ninth century and who began the first Russian imperial administration.

From the very beginnings of its presence, Novgorod had a truly distinctive political value of the other Russian urban communities. From the year 1136 and on, Novgorod turned out to be "free of rulers", which implies that sovereigns from the imperial house were welcomed for a duration of time (as a rule amid the wars) to serve as commanders or overseers, without a lot of genuine force. They where procured on specific conditions which were expressed in an agreement. In the event that the sovereign didn't come up to the desires, he was essentially terminated and removed. Besides, the ruler and his troops were prohibited to live inside the city walls.

From the twelfth century, the Novgorodian Land turned into an autonomous medieval republic ruled by the Veche - a sort of forum. Veche settled on choices concerning war and peace, outside and inside arrangements and other worldwide matters and in addition choosing the Archbishop of Novgorod. The town grew up around its Kremlin (fortification), the most antiquated in Russia , an oval red-block stronghold on the banks of the Volkhov sriver, encompassed by an extensive canal.

For quite a long time, Veliky Novgorod was a door to Europe, a standout amongst the most intense centers of worldwide exchange in transit from the Baltic Sea to Volga, serving as a connection between Northern Europe and Asia.

Medieval Novgorod had close contacts with the Hanseatic League of North-European urban communities, a model of present-day united European Market.


Initially mentioned in the Chronicles in 903 the old Pskov has a considerable measure of landmarks of the old Russian culture and is located helpfully near to St.Petersburg, the Russia's real traveler focus.

After separation of the old Russian state Kiev Rus' into a few free territories (twelfth century) Pskov turned into the piece of the Novgorodian land. It remained a part of Novgorod's area as a semi-autonomous territory, and the capital of the Republic of Pskov in the meantime, until the end of the 15thcentury, when both Novgorod and Pskov were captured by the relentless Moscow realm. Amid its long history Pskov assumed over and again the part of the Russia's fortification in the North-West. Other than shielding the nation from numerous attacks, it was likewise the city where Peter the Great began his sublime crusades. With establishment of St.Petersburg Pskov lost its exchanging and business significance, yet by the by finished what had been started social and religious focus, seeing numerous noteworthy occasions, including relinquishment of the last Russian Emperor Nicolas II. The present-day Pskov is famous for the various eleventh - seventeenth century building landmarks including the Kremlin and great Trinity Cathedral. Among alternate highlights of the visit are Pechorsky Monastery of Assumption and rural town of Izborsk, one of the ten of the Russian most visited towns.

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