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USD 67.55 | EUR 77.44
21 ноября, ср

Невский проспект, д.22
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Khakassia and Tuva

Отдых в Khakassia and Tuva

Khakassia is an extensive rugged nation with the most elevated mountain scopes of Eastern Siberia. It comprises of two substantial parts - the Eastern Sayan and the Western Sayan. Virgin Southern taiga with lavish vegetation, grand view with mountain waterways, waterfalls and lakes pull in and amaze visitors.

Tuva is situated in the focal point of Asia. It for the most part displays a perpetual steppe just about without foot shaped impressions of present day progress, which allows space landscape with sharp peaks of remote mountains. Tuva is brimming with archeological dedications of diverse hundreds of years. Voyagers can likewise profound into nearby ethnography: way of life of Russian old-devotees, shaman services, throat singing, chance to live in genuine Tuvan yurt and envision yourself an antiquated wanderer.


Kazanovka - State Museum-Reserve where tiurists can see genuine archeological unearthings and take a gander at rock drawings, which are more than 3-5 thousand years of age..

Kizil - the capital of the Tuva Republic. The Geographical Center of Asia is typically situated there near to the wellspring of the colossal Siberian River Yenissey, shaped by the juncture of Biy-Khem (Big Yenissey) and Ka-Khem (Small Yenissey) streams.

Khoomei - the customary throat singing of the Tuvan individuals (and some other Asian people groups).

Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydro Power Station - the best hydro force station of Russia and of the entire Eurasia with the dam 242 m high and 1000 m lng, developed on the Yenissey River.

Shushenskoye is the State Ethnographical Museum-Reserve where sightseers are included in an astounding climate of clever enterprise in a genuine Siberian town of the nineteenth - twentieth hundreds of years.

Valley of the Kings - an antiquated entombment place with around 30 hills matured from the III-IV century B.C. The summit is the Great Salbyk Mound, once developed over the grave of an honorable family and uncovered by the archeologists in 1954-56.

Виды отдыха в Khakassia and Tuva

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Евгения Терзян
Менеджер отдела продаж в г. Москва
+7 (495) 240 95 54
Дмитрий Иванов
Менеджер отдела продаж
+7(812) 454-03-84 (доб22)
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Менеджер отдела продаж
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Каролина Веснина
Руководитель отдела продаж
+7(812) 454-03-84 (доб18)


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Захватывающие пейзажы, удивительные скальные образования, большие пустыни и величественные ледники - во всех этих местах человек может почувствовать...

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