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Russian north

Отдых на Russian north

Russian North is a customary summed up name for Northern districts of the European piece of Russia including Murmansk Region (Kola), the Republic of Karelia, Arkhangelsk Region and Vologda Region.

The region of Russian North is for the most part secured with taiga. Northern parts of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk Regions are possessed with tundra. Water covers a noteworthy piece of the surface. Various streams, lakes and coast shores of the Beloye (White) and Barents Seas, fitting in with the Arctic Ocean, unusually interlace with area and make grand view. White Nights in summer and Northern Lights in winter give curious appeal to this Northern range.

Atmosphere of the Russian North is nearly mellow with short cool summer (normal temperature in July +12… 17îñ, in tundra - from +8îñ, however day temperature of +30oC is very conceivable) and with long (snow spread lies 160… 220 days yearly) decently gentle winter.

Uncommon component of Russian North is a noteworthy amount of dedications of Russian history and building design, which are vitally entered in characteristic scenes. Kyrillo-Belozersky, Ferapontov and Solovetsky Monasteries emerge among stone structures. A great deal of age-old wooden mainstream and faction developments are scattered in all locale. A piece of them is evacuated to historical centers of wooden construction modeling - Kizhi Pogost in Karelia and Malye Korely close Arkhangelsk.


Kargopol is the antiquated Russian town in Arkhangelsk Region, established in the twelfth century. It is celebrated with commemorations of unique compositional style and with all around created neighborhood handiworks.

Kenozersky National Park is arranged in the South-West of Arkhangelsk Region. It grasps the Kenozero Lake with whimsically cut up coast and pleasant islands, the extensive oval-formed Lekshmozero Lake and encompassing thick taiga. The Park is range with various vegetation, including 534 types of plants, 50 types of warm blooded animals, 264 types of winged animals and 30 types of fishes. Various old-matured wooden places of worship, churches and mainstream developments in common habitat hold permanent impression.

Khibinskiye and Lovozerskiye Tundras are not high (up to 1200m) mountain massifs in the Kola Peninsula. Notwithstanding amazing scenes of mountain tundra and great open doors for trekking and skiing they are popular with awesome assortment of minerals. A hefty portion of them are endemic. Achieve accumulations of nearby minerals are kept in mineralogical historical centers of Kirovsk and Revda.

Kizhi Pogost (i.e. the Kizhi fenced in area) is situated on one of numerous islands in Lake Onega, in Karelia. Two eighteenth century wooden houses of worship and an octagonal ringer tower, likewise in wood and implicit 1862, can be seen there. These strange developments, in which woodworkers made a strong visionary structural planning, propagate an old model of ward space and are in agreement with the encompassing scene.

Laplandsky Biosphere Reserve is arranged in the Western piece of Murmansk Region, for the most part in Monche Tundras mountain massif, a long ways past the Polar Circle. It was sorted out in 1930 for assurance of wild reindeer. Elk, cocoa bear, marten, beaver, willow grouse, ptarmigan can likewise be met there. More than 140 lakes, 6 waterways with rapids and waterfalls improve extreme mountain landscape of the Reserve.

Russky Sever (Russian North) National Park is arranged in the North of the Vologda Region, on the watershed of the White, Baltic and Caspian Seas bowls. The domain of the Park exceeds expectations with rather a critical thickness of populace. The Park is renowned with its wonderful joined normal and social scenes, which let us follow the historical backdrop of financial and social digestion of the Russian North. We ought to specify Mariinskaya and Severo-Dvinskaya water transport frameworks with their channels and conduits when such compositional, recorded and social landmarks of the worldwide significance as Kyrillo-Belozersky, Ferapontov and Goritsky cloisters.

Solovetsky Archipelago (Solovky) involves six islands in the western piece of the White Sea with recognized nature and with the antiquated Solovetsky Monastery, established in 1429. The Solovetsky Monastery was the focal point of ministerial, financial and political power in this some piece of the Russian North.

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